Thus spoke Justina

rugpjūčio 4, 2011 § Parašykite komentarą

Look, brothers&sisters, time goes on forever; everything that can happen is going to happen, and then it’s going to happen again. Are you okay with that? Can you stomach the thought of living your life again and again, with no regrets? Not just stomach it; does that thought make you happy? If it doesn’t, then you’ve got some work to do. Here are some good places to start: Dance more often. Laugh at EVERYTHING. And above all else, Thyne own will be done, not anyone else’s. Anyone who tells you it’s not fair or it’s not right or that you should do anything you don’t want to is lying to you, and I promise you they’re miserable and mediocre. Be done with that. It’s not that you only get one life – if only it were that simple. You get more lives than you can imagine, but only one. fucking. chance. to define them for eternity.

Stop wasting it.

Go and live, now and forever!



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